September 22, 2014

Mailorder Pharmacy FAQ’s

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Why Mailorder Pharmacy?

Mission Health is pleased to announce the opening of an employee mail order pharmacy at Ridgefield in January 2012. This pharmacy was designed and built to improve our prescription filling efficiency on maintenance medications so that we may more effectively service our growing health system. Cost-Savings. Mailorder pharmacy provides an opportunity to save by paying approximately two (2) copayments for a three (3) month supply. Convenience. Now you can avoid long lines at the checkout counter and have your medications delivered right to your home! Efficiency. Our new mailorder facility has a state of the art pharmacy automation system, the Automed FastFill 220. This “robot” makes the filling process more efficient, and also adds an extra accuracy check. The FF220 can fill more than 200 prescriptions per hour! Patient Satisfaction. Moving the filling process for maintenance medications to a central facility will improve the turnaround time at our retail pharmacy locations, so that we can more quickly process acute medications for employees as well as patients being discharged from the hospital or our outpatient areas.

How does this affect me?

Employees and their dependents covered under a Mission Health Plan are required to have all maintenance medications filled with a 90 day prescription at Mission’s Employee Mailorder Pharmacy effective January 1, 2012. Two 30-day fills are allowed prior to this requirement.

What is a ‘maintenance medication’?

Maintenance medications are those used to treat chronic conditions and are typically taken on a regular basis.

How do I know if my medicine is considered a ‘maintenance medication’?

American Health Care maintains a list of those drugs that are considered maintenance medications. The list is posted on Please note that the list is subject to change.

How to use Mailorder Pharmacy: Step 1 – Complete and submit the Mailorder Prescription Enrollment Form

Please print clearly and fill out all required sections of the form. Failure to completely fill out the form delays the processing of your order. Remember, you only need to complete this form once! If paying by credit card, make sure to include your credit card number and expiration date. Your order will not be processed or shipped without payment in full. Standard shipping for mail order prescriptions is free.

Step 2 – Obtain 90-day Prescription

Please obtain a prescription from your doctor for your maintenance medications for a 90-day supply with refills for a year. You may mail the hardcopy or have your physician transmit the prescription via fax, phone, or e-scribe to Mission Mailorder Pharmacy. Also, please note that we can transfer your existing prescriptions from other pharmacies if they have refills available. Please call us at (828) 257-7057 to start this process.

Step 3 – Request Refills

Refills can be requested by calling us at (828) 257-7057. The first time we fill your medications, please provide your name and birth date, as well as the name of the medications you need. Once you have received your prescription(s)

Mission Employee Mailorder Pharmacy
400 Ridgefield Court, Suite 106
Asheville, NC 28806
Phone (828) 257-7057
Fax (828) 257-7059

from the Mailorder Pharmacy and have the Mailorder pharmacy bottle and Rx # (which starts with a 1), you can use the automated phone system to request your refills. Use of the automated phone system will expedite your order. Please note: when using this system, do not include the two numbers after the dash.

Must my prescription order be mailed to me?

No. We offer courier service to Mission Community Pharmacy (2 Medical Park Drive) and Medical Center Pharmacy (first floor of Mission’s Memorial Campus). When you complete the mailorder enrollment form, you may select your preferred delivery method, which will be used to fulfill all your mailorder prescriptions. When using US Mail delivery, please allow approximately 10-14 days for processing and delivery of these items. If you prefer NOT to have your refills mailed, you may choose to have all your refills picked up at Medical Center Pharmacy or Mission Community Pharmacy. Payment will still occur via payroll deduct or credit card at the mail order facility, not at the time of pickup.

Do I need to have my doctor write brand new prescriptions for all my medications to use mailorder?

No. Although new prescriptions help ensure we have your most current dosages and refills, we can transfer your existing prescriptions from other pharmacies if they have refills available. Please call us at (828) 257-7057 to start this process.

What do I need to mail with my prescriptions?

Please include a note stating whether you’d like us to fill and deliver the prescriptions or put them on “hold” for the future. Also, please be sure to write the patient’s date of birth on each prescription.

Do I need to fill out an enrollment form each time I mail in a prescription?

No. You only need to fill that out one time. We do request you please send a revision if your delivery or payment information changes.

Can I fax my own prescription to the pharmacy?

No. Federal and state laws mandate that only prescribers are allowed to fax prescriptions to a pharmacy.

How long will it take to receive my prescriptions by mail or at the pharmacy?

Please send us your requests 10-14 days before you need the medication. You may receive your medication quicker, however the extra time allows us to contact your MD or insurance provider if there is a problem. During the holidays, mail volume is often increased.

How much will it cost me to have my prescriptions mailed?

We offer mail delivery at no additional charge.

Does the Mission Mailorder Pharmacy fill all prescriptions upon receipt?

Yes. Unless you include a note stating otherwise, all prescriptions will be filled when they arrive at our Mailorder Pharmacy and will be mailed and charged via the payment type on file.

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